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Felt Artist

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Felt is a unique, non-woven textile made from wool fibres. Felt making is the process during which wool fibres shrink and come together to form a dense mat when subjected to heat, humidity, friction and a change of alkalinity. The art of feltmaking predates woven cloth and is thought to date back to Neolithic times. In more recent years felt has undergone something of a revival and it is now a popular craft activity.

Felt is versatile and can be moulded into three-dimensional forms, made thick and hard or very fine and pliable. I am interested in pushing the boundaries of the medium and I welcome enquiries from galleries who are interested in working with me. I also undertake private commissions and have adapted my mask work for theatrical performance.

Feltmaking is at once deceptively simple and endlessly complex. This simplicity is rooted in the earthiness of the raw materials and the pure physicality of the felting process; all that is required is a determined pair of hands. I teach a range of workshops, nationally and internationally, and love that magic moment when the student's felt starts to take shape and creative possibilities start to dawn.