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Felt is a unique, non-woven textile made from wool fibres. Felt making is the process during which wool fibres shrink and come together to form a dense mat when subjected to heat, humidity, friction and a change of alkalinity. The art of feltmaking predates woven cloth and is thought to date back to Neolithic times.

Felt is versatile and can be moulded into three-dimensional forms, made thick and hard or very fine. I am particularly interested in adapting my work for theatre and performance and I welcome enquiries along this line. I also undertake commissions.

Someone once said that feltmaking is at once deceptively simple and endlessly complex. This simplicity is rooted in the earthiness of the raw materials and the physicality of the felting process; all that is required is a determined pair of hands. It's very rewarding to watch the amazement on students's faces as the felt starts to take shape and creative possibilities start to dawn.

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  • It has been 6 weeks since I spent a day making eco-print bundles. Today I finally allowed myself to unwrap them. Much to my delight, some lovely little prints and subtle surprises revealed themselves. I am excited to start turning these little samples into something new now…

  • I have been felting little pods these past few days: A temporary departure from headdresses, and a bit of light relief. The pods are shown suspended in the side window of OWL (a collective of six artists and makers) where my work is permanently on display. If you happen to be in the area, pop […]

  • Fresh of the proverbial press: The latest issue of UK Handmade magazine (winter 2013) includes a feature article on my felt work. Easy to download & free to read… UK Handmade is a design-led online magazine committed to showcasing and promoting the best creative talent the UK has to offer. Fore more information www.ukhandmade.co.uk

  • “I have worked with other felt makers, but Gladys is a felt artist who knows how to teach too. Her friendly, warm and calm manner guides you easily through the stages of alchemy which is feltmaking.”

  • "I really enjoyed the course and Gladys was such an attentive and clear tutor, who encouraged each of us at what we were working at - she seems to have a knack of knowing what each person needs!"

  • " A complete delight! A fun workshop with a talented artisan who really does know her stuff. Above and beyond what I was expecting and highly recommended".