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Archive: March 2013

Black Swan Arts March 2013 Artist on a Plinth This month sees me as the Artist on a Plinth in my local art gallery Black Swan Arts. Organised by Creative Frome, the Plinth is a really good way to showcase the work of local artists and makers. For this occasion I set myself the task […]

Just finished making and packing up a series of ‘Holy Bowls’ to go to the Redearth Gallery nr. Tiverton, Devon. They will be part of the ‘Makers’ exhibition, which will run from 27 March to 11 May 2013.

One of the benefits of having my work permanently on display in OWL, and working in the shop, is the feedback (solicited and unsolicited) received from passers-by. The other invaluable benefit is the chance meetings between people that occur. A prime example of this is the occasion on which photographer Bella West wandered into the […]