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Archive: December 2016

As the photo above suggests, I have been nominated for the annual Arts & Crafts Design Award 2016

The opening of Zoomorphic took place last Saturday at Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre, Cwmbran, Wales. Louise Jones-Williams curated this show, and I think she did an excellent job pulling together a wide variety of mediums and approaches into a well blended whole.

Since launching my crowdfunding site for Hinterland, I have received a huge amount of encouragement for this project. Not only can I now say my practice is, in part, financially supported by a group of wonderful patrons, I continue to be offered support in other ways too.

After a year of thinking, dreaming, planning, preparing, sketching, and making samples, I am finally able to start on this ancestral project about (self)compassion, forgiveness and belonging.