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Masks to be featured in National Geographics Channel documentary

From time to time I hire out my masks for photoshoots and music videos and the like, but this is the first time my masks will make an appearance on a (cable) television channel.

The documentary on National Geographics channel will be aired sometime in May 2016, but filming will take place this week somewhere in SE Wales.

The film is a feature length documentary, exploring how the concept of hell forms a collective imagination which is constantly reinvented to reflect each successive epoch. Some surprising ways will be uncovered in which ideas about hell have helped to shape culture, society, art and science.

Using visually innovative storytelling the evolution of hell will be traced through its cultural history from Plato, Virgil and Dante to Eliot, Blake and modern horror movies. The meta-thesis of the film will explore what hell says about us as humans – so fear, the nature of good and evil, justice, fairness, death, immortality and belief will all be explored.

Sounds right up my street!

Gladys Paulus masks off to filmshoot for National Georgraphic Channel
All set and ready for action…

  1. I can not wait to see this PBS special. Be sure to keep us posted as to the air date so that I can be plopped right in front of my television when it airs.

    Congratulations, Gladys!!!!!

    Big hugs,


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