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New Year, new change

This year has truly been a remarkable, and at times difficult, time of upheaval and change, which has taken its toll on my energy and my work this year.

In order to create some time to re-focus on my work, I will no longer be doing shifts in OWL gallery in the New Year.

It has been great to be an active member of this artist collective for the past three years and my fellow members have been inspiring in more way then they probably realise, so thank you OWLS!

But the most important thing for me right now is to really focus on the direction I want to take my work in, and for that I need as much studio time as I can get. Time for a new chapter and making a fresh start in 2016.

A selection of my work will still be available from the gallery for the foreseeable future, but I will no longer be there in person myself without making a prior appointment.

OWL Gallery, 33 Catherine Hill, Frome, Somerset BA11 1BY

Happy New Year!

OWL window June 15
OWL window display June 2015

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