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I have been so touched by the support, help & encouragement I have received for Hinterland, and it is time to express my thanks.

After two years of thinking & planning, and nearly nine months of developing & creating, I am happy to finally announce the dates of my exhibition

As the photo above suggests, I have been nominated for the annual Arts & Crafts Design Award 2016

The opening of Zoomorphic took place last Saturday at Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre, Cwmbran, Wales. Louise Jones-Williams curated this show, and I think she did an excellent job pulling together a wide variety of mediums and approaches into a well blended whole.

Since launching my crowdfunding site for Hinterland, I have received a huge amount of encouragement for this project. Not only can I now say my practice is, in part, financially supported by a group of wonderful patrons, I continue to be offered support in other ways too.

After a year of thinking, dreaming, planning, preparing, sketching, and making samples, I am finally able to start on this ancestral project about (self)compassion, forgiveness and belonging.

Having just come back from my final teaching ‘tour’ of the year in the Netherlands & Belgium, I thought it was high time to announce my workshop plans for 2017…

Savage Heart (or Ceirw), the latest show by Citrus Arts, is due to start its tour of England and Wales next week. I have been collaborating with them for a few years now, and it’s been a real joy to learn alongside Bridie and James about the powerful interaction between mask and performer.

Some of my work old and (hopefully) new will be appearing in ‘Zoomorphic’, a group show at Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre, the Regional Centre for the Applied Arts in South East Wales from 3 December 2016 – 28 January 2017.

Element 15, a contemporary textile arts group based in Ireland, recently asked me some questions about my work practice and plans for the future.