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Ceirw/Savage Heart

Savage Heart (or Ceirw), the latest show by Citrus Arts, is due to start its tour of England and Wales next week. I have been collaborating with them for a few years now, and it’s been a real joy to learn alongside Bridie and James about the powerful interaction between mask and performer.

This has been invaluable to my own understanding of masks, and the pull towards creating them. As a visual artist, I let the mask tell a story itself from a point of stillness. Citrus Arts however, have the skill to animate the mask beautifully and to harness and direct its full storytelling power on stage, something which I find very moving and am tremendously excited about. I look forward to deepening my connection with their work in years to come.

If you’re in any of these areas on the following dates, please go and check it out:

16th September – The Roses, Tewkesbury

24th September – Skylight Circus, Rochdale, Gtr Manchester {tickets on door, online booking tbc}

30th September – Circomedia, Bristol

12th – 15th October – Jacksons Lane, London

21st October – The Courtyard, Hereford

25th October – Aberystwyth Arts Centre {tickets available at box office, online booking tbc}

29th October – Deda, Derby

4th November – Muni, Pontypridd


Ceirw Flyer a5 (2)-2-1

Ceirw Flyer a5 (2)-2-2

  1. Oh, Gladys….how I wish I were close enough to attend one of these performances. I can tell, just by looking at the images above, that your amazing masks really do come to life on the stage. You can actually feel the emotion in the two dear reaching for one another. It must be incredible to see in person. One of these days…But, until I can make it in person, thanks so much for your postings.

    Big hugs and big, big congratulations on having your fabulous creations shown far and wide.


    • Thank you so much Dawn, congratulations to you too for continuing to get your work and energy out there. Wish you could come with me on Friday when I go and see the whole show for myself. It’ been too long… Just think, this time just over a year ago we were sitting in a horse buggy in Shipshewana together!



  2. I saw it this evening at Circomedia, it was absolutely incredible, I knew instantly the masks were yours. It was so beautiful to see them animated! I was mesmerised for the entire show. X


    • I am so pleased you enjoyed the results of our collaboration and were so taken by the show Lizzie, and thank you for taking the time to let me know! I do appreciate your feedback. Generally, once the work is “out there” in the public eye, it starts living a life of its own and it can be hard to get a sense of how it is reeived by people…. so your comments (any comments!) are incredibly valuable. I am looking forward to seeing how Citrus Arts is going to develop this show (succesful funding bid permitting) and how I can be part of it in future. x


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