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Crafts Council Maker Directory

Pleased as punch with the Crafts Council’s decision to approve my application for membership of their maker directory

As the national agency for contemporary craft, the Crafts Council champions high quality contemporary craft practice nationally and internationally.

CC believes that “craft plays a dynamic and vigorous role in the UK’s social, economic and cultural life and that the strength of craft lies in its use of traditional and contemporary techniques, ideas and materials to make extraordinary new work”.

As a creative, it is pretty normal to go through periods of extreme doubt about one’s abilities and purpose. Given the professionalism of this organisation and the high quality of the work they choose to feature on their website and in their quarterly magazine ‘Crafts’, their decision to accept me into their dirctory feels like a huge and important vote of confidence in my work.

Seeing as it was my birthday, they couldn’t have timed their email any better.

Thank you Craft Council!

  1. Well done Gladys I am so pleased for you and you so thoroughly deserve it! Your work is amazing and the Craft Council should feel honoured to have you in their directory. Congratulations 🙂


    • Teri, how lovely to hear from you. You are so kind! A quick search through the directory reveals that although there are plenty of textile artists, there aren’t many feltmakers listed in it. I do hope that is set to change…


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