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Felted bird pods with IFA region 2

Last week I attended my first group meeting with a bunch of lovely feltmakers of IFA region 2, who meet in the New Forest.

In the UK the International Feltmakers Association (IFA) is divided into regional groups, who organise regular meeting and workshops throughout the year.

The theme for this particular meeting was bird pods, and I spent the day in joyful company making nesting pods from a range of raw fleeces.

At the end of the day we hung all of them in the tree behind the village hall and the result was delightful and enchanting. I particularly enjoyed seeing all the different approaches and styles, the crazy hairy pods being my favourites.

I’ve taken my pods home and one of them is already up in the willow tree in my allotment at the end of the garden. It is a bit too late for this year, but hopefully by next Spring the birds will have had a chance to get used to it dangling in the tree and decide to nest in it. If not I might have to put up a little sign for them extolling the virtues of felt: Superbly insulating, water and fire repellent, soft and snug, etc…. Need I go on?

Making felt in the village hallMaking felt in the magnificent village hall

My favourite podsMy favourite pods

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