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A new phase

At the end of this month I have to move out of my current town centre studio to make way for a pizza restaurant.

Although I always knew that the space was available on a temporary basis only, I still felt a jolt of sadness when the order to move out finally came.

I’ve made this space my creative hub for this past year, as have all the others who have occupied the building, and I will miss being at the heart of our vibrant little town and observing town centre life from my 2nd floor window.

This huge monstrosity of a building (the former Poundstretchers) has been full of kind and inspiring folk, setting up shops, workshops and pop-up cafe’s and I have loved the eclectic mix and slighty anarchic feel of the place. It’s been a social hub of creativity and enterprise.

My next studio is located entirely differently. It’s on the edge of town (my edge of town, in fact) in a converted little barn on a little lane leading out to fields, woods and river. I’ll have two small rooms, one on top of the other. In this set up, my workspace will also be on the 2nd floor, but with only Velux windows for company there will be more bird listening than people watching (probably not a bad thing). The downstairs room has a woodburning stove and sink, and will be used as a store room mostly.

It will be interesting to see how my work will develop as a result of this new space, tucked away on the edge. I’m looking forward to experiencing the peacefulness of my new work place fully once Ive moved in. I’ve always envisaged this kind of set up – being in close proximity to nature and the countryside, and going on walks for inspiration. My (rather neglected) dye allotment is within easy walking distance through a couple of fields, as are the woods and river. It will be easier to remind myself of the source of my raw materials and make a conscious link to it. Although I do frequently work with fleece direct from the farmer, I also use ready prepared, shop bought wool which is has lost its ‘wild’ origins somewhat and doesn’t feel quite the same.

Downstairs-storageThe downstairs room with storage being set up, ready to receive wool.

Upstairs-work-areaThe light filled upstairs space will become my work area.


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