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Of patronage and sponsorship

Since launching my crowdfunding site for Hinterland, I have received a huge amount of encouragement for this project. Not only can I now say my practice is, in part, financially supported by a group of wonderful patrons, I continue to be offered support in other ways too.

One such way comes courtesy of one of my wool suppliers Norwegian Wool. Unlike the name suggest, this small company is based in England, and was set up by husband and wife team Maggy and Gary. They stock three types of Norwegian wool fleece and Norwegian yarn from Hillesvåg, which is a family-run business just North of Bergen on the shore of Aust Fjord.

On hearing about my project, they kindly offered a discount on all the wool used for Hinterland, and I was delighted to take receipt of my first delivery of wool this week.

Although I use a wide range of wool breeds in my work, much of which comes from local farmers, I have been using Norwegian wool in many of my pieces for years now, and the more I work with it, the more I have come to appreciate the qualities of the wool – both in terms of felting it and the felted finish. Norwegian wool can be felted very rigidly, which provides great body for sculptural pieces. I also much prefer to work with carded batts: in contrast to roving, I find it easy to control the fibres when working around complex resists.

Norwegian Wool

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