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Photoshoot with Bella West

One of the benefits of having my work permanently on display in OWL, and working in the shop, is the feedback (solicited and unsolicited) received from passers-by.

The other invaluable benefit is the chance meetings between people that occur. A prime example of this is the occasion on which photographer Bella West wandered into the shop, accompanied by her good friend Jay Daniell, a web designer. Having spent months thinking about engaging a professional photographer and a web designer, this was too auspicious a coincidence to ignore…

So last week I found myself in an amazing reed field near Frome, along with Bella, Jay, 3 models, an assistant and my daughter Poppy. Despite the freezing cold temperatures the models happily changed into the vintage clothes lent to me by Hayley, from vintage shop Poot in Frome – just uphill from OWL. Luckily felt is very insulating, so at least the models’ heads were kept warm. I am delighted with the resulting images; it shows the theatricality of the masks and a wide potential of their use. We’re planning another photo shoot for the Spring.

Bella West Photography
Jay Daniell Graphic & Web Designer

Bella West shoot 1

  1. Fantastic shoot, thanks Gladys….


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