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More random acts of kindness

Still on the subject of kind & generous acts by strangers – last month I received another wonderful, and completely unexpected, gift.

It came in the form of four signed prints of original drawings by artist and painter Stanley Donwood (well known for his designs for Radiohead’s album covers).

So how did this come about? Well, back in 2014 or so I was approached by a band called the Joy of Living who were shooting a music video and were interested in using some of my masks.

Video duly made, fast forward to 2016 when I receive an email from the band, asking for my address. Turns out Stanley is also boss of Six Inch Records, works with the band, shot the video and did some drawing during the shoot. And then he decided to send me these prints, just like that. Completely out of the blue. Amazing. It made my day, so thank you Stanley.

Stanley Donwood’s website

Joy of Living music video

Stanley Donwood print 1

Stanley Donwood print 2

Stanley Donwood print 3

Stanley Donwood print 4

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