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Receiving generosity

Sometimes the goodness and generosity of people just blows me away. A month ago, whilst teaching a workshop in Devon, the husband of one of my students dropped in on the workshop a couple of times, and became interested in some of my feltmaking tools.

After some chat back and forth, and me describing my ideal (non-existing) tool, he offered to have a go at making one for me. Just because he likes making things, all offers of payment refused.

This weekend I received not one, but three versions of the tool I described! I’m so touched that he would go through all this trouble and I can’t wait to try them out. Thank you very very much Ben Liddell, you have enriched my life. It’s people like you and your generous acts of kindness that make the world go round.

  1. Haalo Glaydis, i’m ferry interestet in these wooden tools. They look greet. Do you know where i can bay them? Gretings Yvon Velthuijsen


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