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Thank you

I have been so touched by the support, help & encouragement I have received for Hinterland, and it is time to express my thanks.

I have received incredibly generous financial support for this project from patrons across the globe (UK, the Netherlands, France, Germany, USA, Canada and New Zealand), as well as invaluable emotional support from friends, family and same patrons.

I have hugely benefitted from practical help too; ranging from on-line advice from the international felt making community, expert technical support and advice by local craftsmen & women, folks making stands for me, friends jumping in to help with sanding hundreds of bits of wood and unpicking stitching, and my mum and my sister spending hours behind their sewing machines.

I am so very grateful to all these people, without their help I would not have been able to go on this journey. My thanks go to the following (my excuses if I have missed anyone out):

My patrons (in alphabetical order):

Ali Robson, Anandamayi Arnold, Beth Harwood, Catherine Corvec, Chantal-Manou Muller,Diane Christian, Deborah Brooks, Dora Fon Sing, Dorie van Dijk, Dorothy Wedderburn, Elaine Peden, Fabienne Dorsman-Rey, Fiona Duthie, Glenny Thomas, Hanneke Nuninga, Hans Borgonjon, Heather Karlheim, Hedwig Schumacher, Ira Schwartz, Jane Mercer, Jeroen Peters , Jez Rice, Jo Mills, John Francis Ward, Kane Brough, Karin Celestine, Keir Haines, Kim Schulte, Klaudia van Gool, Louise Curnin, Margriet Dam, Martina Schmickler, Maurice Willemsen, Merike van Zanten, Mireille Fruin, Nicola Kerridge, Pamela A. MacGregor, Pat Johnson, Pearl Taylor, Pippa Johns, Rebecca Burton, Renate Maile-Moskowitz, Ruth Hampton, Saar, Sabin Imhasly, Sarah Hubbard, Sarah Waters, Suzann Thompson, Tanis Conway, Tanith Hicks, Tess Wakeling, Tracey Rupp Rawlins, Valerie Evans and Zahaa

Wool sponsors:

Maggy & Gary Lightfoot at www.norwegianwool.co.uk

The folks at www.worldofwool.co.uk

Advice, support & help (in alphabetical order):

Black Swan Arts, Claudia Paulus, Chris Taylor, Dave Hamilton, Federico Bär, Glenny Thomas, Hans Borgonjon, Hebe Paulus, Jessie Brough, John Collins, Juraj Ladziansky, Jyn-San Tsang, Kane Brough, Kiki Cendoya, Marian Bruce, members of the International Feltmakers Association, Poppy Paulus-Nicolas & Arran Brough , Ruth Hampton, Wil Paulus





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