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Words, words, words

It’s been a week of words; with a poetry writing workshop, a well attended artist talk last night, and responses to the HINTERLAND exhibition coming in all the time.

In my previous post I completely forgot to mention the Words at the Black Swan workshop, which explored ways to respond to the work on show through poetry. The workshop was organised by Crysse Morrison and led by Dawn Gorman, and took place on 18th September. I won’t be able to share the resulting poems here, as they are still in their unpolished rough draft form, but the ones I was priviliged enough to have read are deeply, deeply moving and manage to put into words in a few hours what has taken me nine months in the studio to convey.

Poetry workshop in response to Hinterland, led by Dawn Gorman

Workshop participants checking his notes

Throughout the weeks, visitors to the gallery have been kind enough to leave some of their thoughts on the work in the comments book, and I’d like to share some with you here.

Frome Standard, Thurs. 29 Sept. 2017

Finally, a couple of images from the Artist Talk I gave last night. Some 60+ people came to find out a little more about my motivations for this project and to ask some very thoughtprovoking questions. From my perspective, it was a wonderful evening, an opportunity speak from the heart and to delve a little deeper into the reasons behind certain choices for material, colours and form. A sound recording has been made in response to requests, but this will need editing before I can share it with you.



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